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The Swedish American Patriotic League, a congress of local organizations, is dedicated to promoting and perpetuating our common Swedish heritage. All organizations that are part of the League have access to the recreational facilities in Sveadal for their members.




Framat Lodge #405 VOA, Berkeley  

Fylgia Lodge #119 VOA, San Francisco

Lindbergh Lodge #494 VOA, Palo Alto

Svea Lodge #348 VOA, San Jose

Sveaborg Lodge #449 VOA, Concord

Sveadal Cabin Owners Association, Sveadal


Swedish Club of San Francisco and Bay Area

Swedish Ladies Society of San Francisco

Swedish Society of Oakland

Swedish Society of San Francisco 

Tegner Lodge #149 VOA, Oakland

2nd Friday, St. John's Hall, El Cerrito

2nd Tuesday, Swedish American Hall

2nd Friday, American Legion Hall, Los Altos

3rd Friday, Odd Fellows Hall

3rd Friday, Odd Fellows Hall


2nd Weekend in Feb, May,  June, and December

2nd Wednesday

2nd Thursday

2nd Tuesday, Bjornson Hall

2nd Thursday, Swedish American Hall

3rd Thursday, Bjornson Hall

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