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Cabin 1: $610

Cabin 2: $620

Cabin 3: $610

Cabin 7: $660

Cabin 8: $525

Cabin 9: $590

Apartments: $590




Cabin 1: $800

Cabin 2: $815

Cabin 3: $800

Cabin 7: $860

Cabin 8: $675

Cabin 9: $775

Apartments: $775


Rental Cabin Map

Reserving A Cabin

In most cases, people sign up for a cabin in the rental cabins book in the summertime before they leave Sveadal. A renter cannot initially reserve a cabin (or a combination of cabins) for more than a total of 3 weeks. However, after April 1st, a renter can book additional time depending on cabin availability.


Members Have Priority

Priority goes to whomever rented that cabin the same week the previous summer, except that members do have priority over non-members in most cases. However, members cannot bump non-members after January 15th.


Cancellation policy

Any cancellation of a reservation must be made 6 weeks prior to the rental date in order to ensure that the deposit will be refunded. If we receive a shorter notice of cancellation, the deposit will only be refunded if we are able to again rent the unit for that reserved time.


Short-stay reservation policy

Sign-ups for short-stay rental cabin reservations start April 1. Remember to contact Sveadal (408-779-2854) regarding a reservation after June 15th, as all of the rental information will be at the pool shack at Sveadal.

  • Two-night minimum

  • Members: $100 per night plus $60 cleaning fee. 

  • Non-Members: $125 per night plus $60 cleaning fee.

Short-stay reservations will not be confirmed until 30 days prior to your reservation date. Length of stay will take priority. If equal length of time, member has priority over non-member. If both are members or both non-members, priority goes to whomever signed up first. By extending the length of stay, one’s priority can be increased. Short stays do NOT give you priority for that time the following year.


Sveadal has a strict policy regarding the use of barbecues.  Lighter fluid, starting blocks and newspaper chimney starters are prohibited.  “Match Light” and similar briquettes are also prohibited. Please use standard charcoal briquettes and the electric starter provided in each cabin.


Phone Access:

There is a phone on the wall behind the clubhouse where you can make calls with a prepaid phone card. It can also be used for 911 calls. Verizon and AT&T cellular service work in some areas of Sveadal.  



Pets are not allowed while renting in Sveadal.



Thank you for your rental inquiry! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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