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The Swedish American Patriotic League is proud to offer overnight accommodations to members and their guests in a variety of small cabins located near the clubhouse.  All ten units have indoor plumbing with a bathroom, shower, refrigerator, oven/range, microwave oven, table and chairs, place settings, cookware and beds (bed linens, blankets and towels are not provided).  Each cabin has a deck with table and benches and a portable barbecue.  There also is a self-service (coin operated - quarters) washer and dryer located behind the clubhouse.


Sleeps 5 in two separate rooms (1 Queen bed, 1 Double, 1 Twin)


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Cabin 1 was the first cabin built by the Swedish American Patriotic League.  Albin Samuelson was Vice President of the League in 1926 and 1927.  He put up $500 of the building cost and asked for matching funds which were provided by Carl Friden, the famous calculator inventor.  The cabin has been enlarged and improved several times since its construction in 1926.  The large back porch was added in 1963.  The cabin has the advantage of a great location for keeping track of the comings and goings of Sveadal visitors.  The cabin rented for $15 a week in 1927.


Sleeps 5 in two separate rooms (2 Double beds, 1 Queen)


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Cabin 2 is one of the small cottages that came with the property.  In 1932, it was set aside for the free use of the Swedish Relief Society.  The porch was added in May 1945.  The cabin rented for $10 a week in 1927.


Sleeps 5 in two separate rooms (1 Queen bed , 1 Double, 1 Twin)


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Cabin 3 was also part of the original purchase and served, as did Cabin #2, for renters and guests.  Cabins 2, 3, & 4 all shared a privy which was located near the present barbecue area.  The cabin was dramatically renovated by Bernard Wiklander in 1974 when he started to just replace a few timbers and ended up re-doing the entire cabin.  It rented for $7 a week in 1927.


Sleeps 6  (2 Queen beds, each in separate rooms , 2 Twin beds in another room)


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In 1932, two kitchens were added to the building and the cabin converted into two rental units, 7-A and 7-B and dubbed the “Honeymoon Cabin” because of the audible coziness that two families shared.  In 1955, the cabin was again renovated into one modern unit.


Sleeps 5 in one room (1 Queen Bed, 1 Double, 1 Twin)



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This cabin was part of the original farm buildings.  It was used for storage.  There was a chicken coop just behind it toward the creek.  The cabin was used as a store by our neighbor, “Farmer” Howe.  Mrs. Howe used to take orders for groceries and milk, which Howe would pick up in town.  The large window facing the road was a wooden drop-leaf affair and it opened up onto a counter.  There was also a gasoline pump next to the cabin just in front of the small shed.  The shed was built in 1927 to house the new generator purchased after the one in Cabin 4 failed to keep up with the needs of the community.  A shower was added to the cabin in May 1945.



Sleeps 5 in one room (2 Queen beds, 1 Double)



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Cabin 9 was part of Cabin 8 and served as a tool shed for many years.  In 1970, it was renovated into a separate unit.


Sleeps 5 in one room.  Beds and Kitchen area in the same room (2 Queen beds & 1 Double bed). 1A & 2A connect.  3A & 4A connect.


Apartment 1: Gotland

Apartment 2: Sodermanland

Apartment 3: Bohuslan  

Apartment 4: Halsingland

This building was originally built as a dormitory by the League in 1929 at a total cost of $1,826.19. The apartments are ideal for families wanting to be together in a large open space. The cabins are connected either by a dividing door or shared decks. They are set in the trees and are within close proximity to the Clubhouse.

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