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Annika is the daughter of Raul and Carina Zamora and big sister to Joacim.  Annika is from the San Francisco Bay Area.  She is currently studying Design at the University of California, Davis and after graduating hopes to pursue a career working with designers at Disney. This has been her goal since 7th grade and she is excited to still be on track to achieve her dream.

Outside of school Annika enjoy hanging out with friends (socially distanced as of now), practicing her art, and ice skating.  Due to the pandemic, Annika has been attending school from home this past year, and although it is under unfortunate circumstances, it has given her more time to spend with her family. They enjoy their time together having game nights, family dinners, and getting together with her extended family.

Annika’s family has always put great emphasis on their Swedish culture by attending Swedish conventions, celebrating Lucia Day where she has been Lucia multiple times and has had the opportunity to visit her family in Sweden a few times. Annika’s grandparents, Tore and Birgitta Kellgren, have both played a big role in teaching her about her Swedish culture including celebrating Swedish holidays with them and being surrounded by everything they have done within the Swedish community.  They are active members of the Swedish American organization Vasa Order of America, where Annika herself is a member of Tegner Lodge #149.

Annika would like to thank Lindbergh Lodge #494 for choosing her to represent them as this year’s Columbia. She also would like to thank the Swedish American Patriotic League for perpetuating the tradition of Midsummer in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Annika is looking forward to sharing this “virtual” Midsummer celebration with all of you.

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