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Anna Nelson is proud to be representing the Swedish Ladies Society of San Francisco as Svea at this year’s 127th Midsummer celebration.


Anna is the daughter of Jon and Erica Nelson.  She was born and raised in Danville, California and is 20 years old.  Anna currently lives in Boise, Idaho and is a third-year student at Boise State University where she is majoring in kinesiology.  Anna hopes to become a physical therapist in the future.


Sveadal holds a very special place in Anna’s heart where she has spent her life visiting friends and family.  Both Anna’s maternal and paternal great grandparents (Bertil and Frances Ericson, and Martin and Anna Nelson, respectively) built cabins in Sveadal.  Her grandparents, Bertil and Gloria Nelson, grew up and met in Sveadal.  Martin and Anna Nelson were Sveadal Caretakers for several years in the early 1940s.   Both Bertil and Gloria Nelson served several terms as president of the Swedish American Patriotic League – Oakland.  Anna enjoys spending time and staying at her grandmother Gloria’s cabin in Sveadal.


Anna has attended many Midsummer celebrations and has previously participated as a Maid of Honor in the Midsummer court.  Her family has a long history of participating in the Midsummer court - her mother (Erica Nelson Nelson) was Columbia in 1989 and Queen in 1991, her aunt Jilene Nelson Michels was Queen in 1982, and her other aunt Kristen Nelson Young was Queen in 1995 – the year the Swedish American Patriotic League celebrated its 100th anniversary.  Anna is very honored and proud to be able to carry on her family tradition of holding a high position in the Midsummer court as this year’s Svea.


In her free time Anna enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors with her friends.


Anna would like to thank the Swedish Ladies Society of San Francisco for having selected her to represent them as Svea, and also give a big THANK YOU to the Swedish American Patriotic League and everyone who have made it possible to hold this Midsummer celebrate during these crazy times.

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