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Marley Baughman is honored to represent Fylgia Lodge Vasa Order of America #119 as queen in this year’s 127th Midsummer celebration. She is 20 years old and is currently a junior at Chico State where she is obtaining her Bachelors of Science in Public Health. She plans to continue her education in Physician Assistant school where she will become licensed in the field of dermatology.

She is very excited to be continuing the Swedish traditions passed down through generations here in Sveadal. Her grandparents, Jeanett and Dennis Severson have been greatly involved in the Swedish American Patriotic League (the League) and as active Sveadal Club members. Dennis was President of the League in 1984 and now her mother, Kirsten (Severson) Baughman is currently president and was Sveadal summer manager for quite a number of years. Her father, David Baughman has served the League as treasurer. And her aunt, Sonya (Severson) Ramsey, is currently the president of the Sveadal Club and was previously Svea in the Midsummer court.


Marley has grown up in Sveadal making friendships and memories she will cherish for life. Since Marley was 10 years old, she has spent every summer in Sveadal where she has learned the ropes from all the amazing people Sveadal brings together.  During her summers in Sveadal Marley has worked in the snack shack, lifeguarding, and volunteering at League dinners, and has also helped out during the off-seasons. Sveadal is where Marley learned about her Swedish and Norwegian heritage and participated in cultural events such as Santa Lucia pageants and Midsummer festivals.  Marley’s participation in previous Midsummer festivals was a Train Bearer twice (2007 for Queen Juliana Olsson and 2012 for Queen Kelsey Hanley), and then as Maid of Honor in 2018.  Sveadal is Marley’s second home and she will continue to be an active member of the community by promoting the traditions and events held in this special place that she holds so close to her heart.

She would like to extend great appreciation to Fylgia Lodge Vasa Order of America #119 for choosing her as Queen on this special Midsummer day, and the Swedish American Patriotic League for holding this “virtual” Midsummer event in order to carry on this long-standing tradition in our Swedish community.

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